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Mercia is a world that has been in operation since 2016. We have seen over 750 Players come and go since we’ve started. Currently we are in our Fifth Age, the Age of Order. Following the collapse of our Kingdoms mighty clans have risen to take their place, The Obsidian Shield, The Freelancers, and The Norraviden just to name a few. Current player base is around 40+ Active players. We have a community that is global and still growing! Age range currently is from 12 to 35 so all ages and ability levels are welcome! We are looking for players who are willing to take their place in the History books of Mercia and create their own legacy. If you think you have what it takes to rise to the heights of those like The Dread Pirate Solo, The Mad King Xaasty, Stoic Leader of the Resistance Mullan, or a business tycoon like The Ever Changing Gru or the legendary brewmaster Macilmara.

-2nd President of the 5th age Squish

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